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LanLan Hand Carved Crystal Bedside Lamp Natural Crystal Salt Rock Night Light Color Changing Light Mini Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Special Natural Crystal Salt Rock:

This night light is made from natural Himalayan crystal salt rock and none of the products is total same with others.

When lit, the lamp emits negative ions that can fight against particles cause your uncomfortable.These negative ions help improve health ability too. It could be a great gift for parents and friends.

Changeable Bulbs:

We offer you 2 kinds of light bulbs:incandescent bulb and coloured bulb. The 7 W incandescent bulb is bright enough for reading and lighting. And the colorful bulb will automatically change 7 colors after powering on the light.

If you need, you can also buy your own replacement bulb.

Widely Used:

This lamp can be used in various places. You may put it in your study room for reading or to keep dark stairs lit.

Also, you can put it in your bedroom to create sweet atmosphere and lead you to a nice dream.


Gross Weight: 364 g/12.84 oz

Dimension: 3.15* 4.72*1.77 in

Material: Salt Rock

Incandescent Bulb Wattage: 7W

Coloured Bulb Wattage: 0.5W

Certification: CE/ASTA

Package List:

1 * Salt Rock

1 * Plug

1 * Incandescent Bulb

1 * Coloured Bulb

?Replaceable Bulbs?Two bulbs are offered to be used. One is white incandescent bulb perfect for lighting and another is automatically color changing bulb which can create colorful and romantic atmosphere for you. You can change a bulb chose by yourself if you liked.
?Versatile?This lamp can be used as a illuminating lamp for study room and stairs; it can also be used as atmosphere lamp for parties and bedrooms.
?Nature Air Purifier ?Himalayan salt lamp works as an air purifier which is of great help to your health, including help with your sleep.
?Unique Material?The lamp is made of salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains
?Portable and Convenient?This lamp is small enough (almost 1.77 in* 3.15 in *4.72 in) for you to take and place any where.