How to Change a Himalayan Salt Lamp Light Bulb

How to Change a Himalayan Salt Lamp Light Bulb

How to Change a Himalayan Salt Lamp Light Bulb

How many Sherpas does it take to change a Himalayan salt light bulb?

Well, only one, providing they have read through these instructions first!

Firstly, unplug your lamp and set it on a table on its side. You may want to lay out a mat or a tea-towel to protect your table from the big-ass lump of rock.

Depending on the size of your lamp, your lamp is likely to come fitted with a 15 or 20W, small screw fit light bulb. These little beauties are the kind that we use in fridges and ovens, and they are durable and extremely long-lasting. However, there will eventually come a time when your trusty little bulb gives up the ghost and heads on up to that great Himalayan Salt Chandelier in the sky, and at that point you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and get a new one put in as soon as possible.

Himalayan Salt lamps are designed for continuous use, even in bedrooms, since their warm orange glow does not mess with your circadian rhythms like blue light does.

The fittings are virtually universal, and consist of a small socket with metal springs attached to hold it safely inside the salt lamp. This means that all you have to do is carefully pull the socket out of the bottom of your lamp, being careful to make sure the springs don’t whack you on the finger as they come free of the lamp.

Whilst you are changing the bulb, you may as well take the opportunity to check the integrity of your cable and socket. make sure there are no bare wires exposed along the length of the cable, and that the wires going into the plug and in and out of the switch and into the socket are all securely attached. Don’t yank on them to test this though! Just a little gentle investigation on your part will tell you everything you need to know.

Make sure that the socket itself is not broken. Carefull unscrew the spent bulb and dispose of as normal. The bulb should unscrew easily with no forcing required. If it jams at all, you may find that it has been screwed in badly and now you need a new fitting. Same applies if your new bulb will not screw in easily. It only needs to be finger tight – handle the bulb carefully whilst you do this and don’t squeeze it too hard. Like I said, if any excessive force is required, you probably need a new fitting.

Once the bulb is in, check that it is not wobbling about in the socket. Now you can test your bulb is working by quickly plugging it in and turning it on. this is a good time to see that your switch is working as it should. If all is well, unplug it again, because you are ready to put your fitting back into your light.

This is pretty straightforward. Just gently squeeze the spring arms in so that your fitting will fit back into your light and then let go when the bulb is safely inside your lamp, with only the wire sticking out. Put your beloved lamp back where it belongs, plug it in, and turn it back on.

Voila! You’re done. Good work!

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