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Welcome to The Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique

We hope you find the exact relaxation and wellness you desire from our selection of rock salt lamps, powders and beauty therapy products.  Pink Himalayan salt is used to improve sleep, relief From allergies, relief from stress, relief from the symptoms of electromagnetic stress, and relief from breathing issues like asthma or bronchitis. Please browse our shop and read our blog.

The Shop

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders Collection

Beautiful, and subtle. These handmade tea light and candle holders made from natural Himalayan salt and each is unique in their own making.

Candle Holder Collection

Classic Large Himalayan Salt Lamps

We have a great range of classic large rock salt lamps to choose from. When heated works as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air, provides the ioniser effect and leads to light therapy to reduce stress and increase energy.

Classic Salt Lamp Collection

Himalayan Salt & Powders

This salt has been insulted from the outside world for a long time and therefore has not picked up any impurities except beneficial minerals and elements from the surrounding rock formation.

Salts & Powders

Salt Lamp Bowls & Baskets

We have a nice selection of baskets and bowls for you to choose from. These give you a different way to show your rock salts and receive the benefits.

Bowls & Baskets

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