Himalayan salt lamps are not only beautiful, there are a range of health benefits that come with them. You may have even heard about the seemingly miraculous benefits that people report from having them in their homes. The kind of things that people report feeling definite improvements in, once they have installed a salt lamp or two in their homes, include:

Better sleep

Relief from allergies and asthma

Relief from stress

Relief from the symptoms of electromagnetic stress

Relief from breathing issues like asthma or bronchitis

Overall mood and concentration improvements

Improvements to seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Now, you may be wondering how one or two or three little lamps in your home can affect all of these things, but if you take a closer look, you will find that the properties of Himalayan Salt Lamps, and the properties of mineral salt in general, are consistent with the benefits that people feel from having them around.

Rock Salt is Hygroscopic

What this means is that your Himalayan Salt Lamp absorbs water in the air. Because impurities in the air from air pollution and other contaminants are generally carried around in water vapour in the air, this means that the salt lamp attracts that water, and the impurities, and then the gentle warmth of the lamp evaporates the water, leaving the impurity behind, locked in the ionic crystal matrix of the lamp. The air quality in our cities is noticeably different to that in the countryside, as you have probably noticed, and for this reason salt lamps and other types of negative ion generators are becoming increasingly popular with city-folk.

Salt Lamps Generate Negative Ions

Environments that are rich in negative ions have long been believed to be beneficial to the health, particularly of the respiratory system, but also to skin conditions. Salt baths, salt spas, living by the sea or up in the mountains – humans have always known about the healing properties of environments that are rich in negative ions, long before we were speaking about things in terms of negative or positive ions.

The fact is that combustion engines, generators, sub-stations, electrical equipment – things that you find in abundance in any modern city, generate positive ions. Positive ions are proven to be detrimental to health – because of their ability to ionise things that they come into contact with. If that thing is your skin, or the delicate mucous membranes of your eyes, nose, or lungs, then this can cause real problems for some people, especially over the long term.

Since Salt Lamps generate negative ions and absorb positive ones through hygroscopic action, it makes sense that people report benefits to such a wide range of conditions from having them around.

The bottom line, if there is one, is that Himalayan Salt Lamps are beautiful and give off a warm, sleepy glow that makes them perfect for bedroom lighting and evenings when you are winding down. They also generate negative ions and remove impurities from the air.

It goes without saying, if you are experiencing serious health problems, then you should consult with a medical professional. However, if you are interested in general overall health and well-being, Himalayan salt lamps are a beautiful way to cleanse your home.

Honestly, I think it is unlikely we will ever get a comprehensive understanding of all their benefits, but the fact is that millions now swear by them, so what are you waiting for?